JAK Reviews

I was so pleasantly surprised by the JAK wipes and face cream, they are so luxurious and soothing on your skin when applying and I could honestly tell the difference from othe generic skin care that don't contain all natural products. They smell amazing and just feel so divine on my skin. I also think you've done well distinguishing your brand from companies with a similar pitch because I have never seen or heard of face and body wipes that contain ingredients that you can actually pronounce! Sienna


Hey guys! some positive feedback to start your week off! since I've been using your soothe balm as a moisturizer/primer my skin is amazing!! It has cleared up, my tired eyes (bags) haha have almost gone! and added bonus i've been using it as a lip balm morning and night for smooth soft lips! loving it definitely buying more ! x


Could not be happier with the JAK pack I purchased for my bestie for Christmas! And not to mention the scrub for myself. Customer service was so quick and helpful, and postage (at a super busy time in the week of Christmas) was so fast and stress-free!
And the products... LOVE! You can feeeel the face scrub working its magic, while being gentle enough for sensitive skin.
The present was a hit, and she loves the products too!
Highly recommend and will be an ongoing customer! 5 STARS!


The face wipes are lovely! Not too wet or too dry they are perfect they smell lovely and natrual. I really enjoy them! Zoe


Got a gorgeous blend face scrub and a pot of the soothe balm as a christmas gift from my best friend. Love both products! The scrub is super gentle and a little pat of soothe balm afterwards before bed makes you wake up glowing. Aside from sensitive skin I've also suffered with dermatitis on my hands for as long as i can remember. The scrub triggers no reaction to my hands and the soothe balm has even helped heal my recent flare up. Definitely recommend giving these products a go! Even the packaging is gorgeous!!!! Hayley 


I get a terrible eczema on my hands and elbows. When I came across JAK Organics SOOTHE, I thought it smelt lovely but I wasn't convinced that it could cure my damaged skin as the many creams and salves that I have tried through the years haven't worked. I was particularly interested in the Tamanu oil that is in the SOOTHE as I had heard that this was a powerful skin healer. I decided to give it a go and applied it to my hands and elbow for 1 week, I also applied it and put gloves on at night for extra absorption. After only the 3rd day I noticed that my skin was better than ever. The eczema had visibly reduced, my skin was soft and the redness had gone. I continued to apply the SOOTHE and after the 6th day my skin had completely healed. I have searched for so many years for a remedy to my skin condition and am so grateful to JAK Organics to have made such a beautiful product that actually works. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to restore their skin back to healthKaren


Wellness Loading up on @jakorganics range and totally in love with the face wipes! I often clean my son's face after meals and personally wouldn't put anything on his skin unless it was completely natural. So many face wipes have terrible chemicals in them that I'll keep some in my bags to clean stains off clothing! I often think, if those wipes can get stains out; imagine what it's doing to your skin? So the #coconutoil and #rosehipoil wipes from Jak Organics are my new thang!
After all... It's all about connecting with things as close to nature as possible! And my new book featured here is on line e-book form too! www.andilew.com Andi


I received my goodie bag today and I was so happy!!! Thank you for the extra scrub it is incredible!!! One of my clients told me about your range and I'm very impressed, well done Hannah


The JAK wipes are just amazing!
My skin feels, clean, nourished, supple and so healthy! They are now an integral part of my quick daily beauty routine. I'm not someone who spends hours in front of the mirror, but I love knowing that my daily wipes leave my skin feeling so fabulous. Clementine


Hi JAK Organics, I tried your coconut face wipes for the first time last
night and all I can say is WOW!
I have very sensitive eyes and these removed water-proof mascara in two wipes with no stinging or oiliness! So convenient when you get home late and just want to get into bed! My face was clean and had no dryness, even the next morning. Very impressed. They fit perfectly into our organic lifestyle and are a must have item for me now. Thank-you for creating such a wonderful product. I'm trying them on my baby's bottom next! Kate


I was lucky enough to try out JAK organics face wipes & boy was I impressed. Firstly I noticed the subtle coconut smell (I'm secretly obsessed with coconut as it is), and it wasn't overpowering or smelt like perfume as most wipes do. I was pleasantly surprised that it removed my makeup entirely without harsh scrubbing (and I tend to wear heavy eye makeup) & left my face feeling moisturized even until morning! I've been asked by a few people what I use so I'll be sharing with friends & family. Highly recommend this product. Thanks ladies x Paula


'My first organic and vegan wipe - NO greasy residue feeling left on my face after makeup removal, just clean and silky smooth skin. Being a mum it's nice to know my quick beauty regime is chemical free and actually nourishes my skin.' Verity.