About JAK



JAK Organics creates premium, eco and essential lifestyle products. All products are curated with premium sustainable botanicals and designed to make life better, simpler and cleaner.

JAK Organics specialise in personal care wipes that are conveniently home-compostable, GMO and cruelty free and vegan friendly. Thank goodness.


Who is JAK?

JAK is 3 sisters who grew up immersed in nature in Victorian's Mount Dandenong Rangers. They passionately believe that investing in your health and wellness enables you to live your best life. 


Letter from the Founders

We are all busy whether we like it or not, it is after all the 21st century, we have tried to rebellion against the ‘busy’ category but now feel it is time to embrace it in all its glory. We all aspire to those that with the same 24 hours can fit in so much great stuff into their lives. We are inspired by these people and we want to hero these moments of ‘living life to its fullest’, allowing you to take the lead and be unflappable in the face of chaos. We have created our products so that you can keep up with all that you want to achieve in your days.

JAK products have been designed to be taken everywhere, to make it easy for you to hit the 're-fresh' button, giving you a moisturised zing and a crispy cleanliness to sort out your day. We are truely passionate about preparing you for greatness… whilst sustaining the Earth in all its splendour.  

Being ready for anything is a superpower.  Whilst we can’t make you a superhero, we can help you to freshen-up so you’re not left with stinky, sweaty bits.

Essentially yours,

JAK xx


Want to know more...


We are so glad that you have found us and that you are interested in the JAK Organics story. If you would like to know more about our journey, collaborations, distribution or wholesaling, please do reach out. We would love to hear from you.