About JAK

JAK Organics is an Australian owned, 100% natural skincare company. At JAK, we believe that beautiful, glowing skin can be achieved by using natural ingredients with the goodness of organic cold-pressed oils. Our products are full of certified organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and made from biodegradable materials.

JAK is three sisters – Jemma, Alysha and Karissa (JAK). We grew up amongst nature in Victoria’s Sherbrooke Forest. Influenced by our mother’s wellness-seeking lifestyle, we have a shared interest in natural alternatives.

As adults (and mothers)  - circa 2012 - we discovered there was very little skincare available on the market that was environmentally sustainable and natural, for ourselves and our families. 

Transparency is extremely important to us, so we make sure to disclose all of the ingredients in our range, not just the active ingredients. Certified organic cold pressed oils are a large part of our range. As consumers ourselves we never looked using product with fillers, sorbolenes, setting-agents or chemicals - so we left them out. Instead, we put a lot of beautiful oils in to make sure they are functional and actually work to remove make-up, dirt and other daily grime, while moisturising, replenishing and protecting the skin. 

Because JAK products use only natural ingredients they don’t have the scents and fragrance that many other skincare products do. This means they don’t always smell sweet and fruity. Some natural ingredients smell, well, natural and earthy. We think this is a good thing, assuring you there’s nothing unnatural in JAK, only the good stuff.

JAK has the most certified organic and natural ingredients found in any skincare wipe in Australia and probably the world. They’ll decompose in your compost within weeks (only took 6 weeks in ours) and are certified biodegradable. We have hand-selected 100% plant-based ingredients to make up our products, GMO and Palm oil free, vegan and no animal cruelty. We believe these are things that everyone should value in products they consume.