You’ve heard it many times I’m sure, but your skin is an important organ that needs to be cared for. Rubbing it down with damaging chemicals that compromise the skins natural functions, can cause issues such as hormonal imbalances and minor to major skin irritations. It’s best to opt for gentle, non-abrasive and naturally nourishing ingredients to really bring out the best of your skin. 

Yes, 100%. We are definitely not into synthetic cocktails and will always stick by this. 

Yes, they are made from 100% bamboo fibre. They will easily compost in your home-composting system. In most cases they will break down within 5 weeks.

Yes, we have carefully selected all of our ingredients to ensure that they are cruelty free and 100% vegan friednly. 

Yes, they have been tried and tested on the most sensitive skin types with no signs of irritation. 

Yes, all of our products have been curated with gentle botanical oils and ingredients to ensure they can be used on newborn skin. Many midwives and doulas recommend our JAK BABY wipes to be used on the first poo (meconium) as the oils gentle remove the stubborn tar-like stickiness without irritation. 

Bamboo is prized to be the most sustainable material available. Bamboo can replenish and grow to full size in just 3-4 months while standard trees can take 30+ years to grow. It is also super gentle, luxurious and strong. It can compost quicker than other natural fibre materials. No pesticides or herbicides and needed when growing bamboo as it is naturally protects itself meaning less chemicals all-round.  

Our BABY wipes are enriched with deeply nourishing botanical ingredients that creates a protective barrier on the skin whist wiping. This reduces irritation in-between nappy changes meaning you won't need additional messy-barrier creams.


Yes, we know that you'll love the JAK difference. We offer free samples to first time customers for BABY with the code "FREEBABYSMPLE" at checkout and AQUA with the code "FREEAQUASAMPLE" at checkout.

You simply click the button that says ‘subscribe and save’ under the product(s) of choice and follow the prompts to set your frequency, address and payment details. Your order will then be packed and delivered your door with no fuss.

Creating a JAK subscription not only means more value for your money but it also means that your supplies are delivered to you on a regular basis. This saves you  on both time and money while ensuring you're never without your supplies! 

You can easily log in with the details that you used to set up the subscription to update your order at any time. Or if you prefer, just email us at hello@jakorganics.com and we will change, amend or, cancel your subscription as you require. Nice and simple. 

Yes, you can customise, the frequency and the quantities of the products, your delivery address and anything ese just contact us at hello@jakorganics.com and we will try our best to accommodate any weird and wonderful requests. 


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