Are Your Personal Care Products Causing Eczema?

October 25, 2020

Are Your Personal Care Products Causing Eczema?

Are you one of the 1-3% of adults who struggles with eczema? Or, is your child one of the 10% of children who suffers from baby eczema? If so, you’ll be well aware how uncomfortable and frustrating this skin condition can be. 

Eczema rash can be caused by many things, but personal care products are one of the most common culprits. Your skin is an important and sensitive organ that needs to be treated gently.

Facial cleansers, soaps, moisturisers, and baby wipes often contain nasty chemical ingredients that irritate the skin. This skin irritation can turn into eczema rash, or other skin conditions such as instant contact dermatitis.

What Personal Care Ingredients Should I Avoid?

If you’re prone to eczema or have sensitive skin, it may be wise to move towards organic baby care and natural skin care. 

When shopping, avoid cosmetic products which contain alcohol. The drying alcohols in many cosmetics can cause redness, flaking, and disrupt the skin’s renewal cycle.

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which causes soaps and body washes to bubble up, is another chemical to avoid. SLS often causes dry and flaking skin, allergies and redness.

Finally, be wary of products containing fragrance (sometimes called perfume, parfum or aroma). While this helps cosmetics to smell nice, they are a very common cause of skin irritation and not a necessary ingredient.

What Are Good Alternatives To Try?

Hopefully cutting out harsh chemicals from your personal care products eases your eczema or other skin conditions.

There are many great organic baby care and personal care products on the market. Many natural cosmetics and water wipes are also eco friendly and good for the environment. Look for botanical based, toxin-free products which have natural healing properties.