How Your Skin Changes With Age

October 25, 2020

How Your Skin Changes With Age

We all know that skin changes throughout a lifetime. But what exactly happens to our skin - both on and under the surface? And what can we do to keep our skin looking younger for longer? 

In this post, we have all the facts about natural skin changes and how to take control of the process.

What Changes Happen To Skin With Age?

As skin ages, many changes happen. Older skin is often thinner, more fragile, and more easily bruised than younger skin. 

Under the skin, the cartilage and fat in the face break down over time. This can create a skeletal appearance. For some people, skin may become rougher with age. 

You may not exactly look forward to these changes, but they are a natural part of life. Plus, you can minimise them by taking care of your skin.

What Causes Skin Ageing?

The main factor is the sun. UV light causes the skin’s natural elastin fibers to break down. UV or exposure to non-natural skincare products can also cause eczema or dry skin.

However, there are a number of things which age the skin, such as gravity, unhealthy lifestyle, or repetitive facial expressions. Obesity and smoking are key causes of skin ageing. 

You can slow down the process by living a healthy lifestyle and eating a well-balanced diet.

How To Slow Skin Ageing

To avoid sun damage, make sure to use sunscreen. In the height of summer, try to stay in the shade.

Put thought into your skincare. It’s important to cleanse your skin and use moisturiser to lock in hydration. However, many skincare products contain nasty chemicals which can cause dry skin. These products may cause more harm than good. 

When looking for skincare products, look for organic and eco friendly products. These will contain minimal, plant based ingredients sourced from the natural world, that will be gentle on your skin and the environment.