The Impacts Of Disposable Products On The Environment

October 25, 2020

The Impacts Of Disposable Products On The Environment

Convenience plays a huge role in modern society. Every day, almost everyone uses disposable items. We use face masks, plastic cups, wipes, razors, shopping bags and bin them without a second thought. However, the effect of these disposable products on the environment is serious.   

We all know that plastic waste builds up, causing major damage to the natural world. When we throw away plastic, it doesn’t just disappear. These single-use products shed plastic fibres and particles, polluting land, rivers and oceans. This hurts vulnerable wildlife in these areas.

So what can we do to reduce our environmental footprint? Humans can take responsibility for the impact of these products, and make changes to our consumption. 

Try Reusable Products

People are becoming increasingly aware of their waste and impact on the environment. Therefore, reusable products are becoming more common and accessible. 

When shopping for your usual single use products, think about how you can switch to a sustainable alternative. We are seeing food containers made from glass or steel. Many cafes now offer an incentive to bring your reusable plastic cup. Cloth face masks and shopping bags are also popular choices. 

What About Compostable Products?

Sure, opting for a reusable product is a great choice for something that can be easily washed. Straws, coffee cups, and shopping bags all have great reusable versions on the market.

However, for items like water wipes, finding a reusable version isn’t exactly practical. Plus, most wipes can’t break down. Instead, they clog sewers and shed plastic into oceans.

For products like these, look out for biodegradable brands. There are earth friendly versions on the market which are easily home compostable. Looking for eco friendly baby wipes and other products is a simple way to play your part in caring for our precious environment.